Welcome from Dr. Sumner

Welcome Back!

We are so excited about this new year. There are some changes that we think will be good for our students and our school. Many of these are just small internal things that will hardly be noticed from the outside but we feel will benefit our students academically and socially.

One of these new changes is the SWPBS Program. This stands for School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program. It's just a new and positive way to address current issues and guidelines for our students and faculty.

We have also relocated classrooms. Now we have all the Math classes in one hall; all the Language Arts in one hall; all the Social Studies classes in one hall; and, all the Science classes in one hall. We are excited about the possibilities this opens up for cooperative work and projects.

While we are excited about our advanced classes, let me assure you that everyone's expectations have been kicked up a notch. For our students to do well in high school and enter the job market with the skills they need, you will be seeing our expectations for everyone increasing even more over the next few years.

Thank you for all you do for our school. You are a valuable part of our support.

Myrna Gail Sumner, Principal


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