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Department Overview

The Director of Federal Programs and Special Projects is responsible for writing proposals, filing applications, and managing Title I, Title II, and Title VI.  His office applies for and manages federal funds and is available as a resource for professional staff who develop proposals for federal funds.
At each school board meeting, this director makes a brief report about the status of all federal projects.  His office compiles and maintains written records about these projects and conducts needs assessments to evaluate their effectiveness.  Information from this office is vital when county schools develop and update their school improvement plans. 
The Director of Federal Programs and Special Projects provides assistance to teachers and administrators in locating materials, supplies, and resources to enhance professional development opportunities.  He provides leadership to the Curriculum Coaches and has been instrumental in the implementation of the RTI plan.
Under the auspices of the Title I program, the Parent Outreach Partner serves as a liaison between administrators, Title I staff, and parents.  She provides monthly tips, strategies, and ideas to parents to enhance Title I student achievement through increased parental involvement.  In addition, she works with teachers to develop programs, activities, and events geared to reach families of Title I students.

Contact Information

Rory Foster  
Rory Foster
Federal Programs & Special Projects Director
ext.  228

Lorrie Armes
Lorrie Armes
Administrative Assistant & Coordinator of Parent Outreach
ext. 230
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