Second Semester Begins Tuesday, January 6
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Mission Statement 
Coalfield School is dedicated to equipping students with the skills that enable them to reach their highest potential as individuals by committing our full resources to this mission. 
Vision Statement 
We will provide opportunities for all students to use the power of their minds to achieve their academic, personal, social and professional goals through the cooperative effort of the school, parents, and the community.
TN National Guard


Congratulations 2014 Science Fair Winners!
4th Grade:
1st Place: Cole Hines
2nd Place: Daisy McGhee
3rd Place: Logan Bunch
5th Grade:
1st Place: Nick Cagley
2nd Place: Sydney Oakes
3rd Place: JT Hensley
Middle School:
1st Place: Gracie Jackson
2nd Place: Anna Smith
3rd Place: Nathan Harvey
Honorable Mention: Johnny Carroll, Veronica Snow
High School:
1st Place: Ashton Patterson
2nd Place: Joseph Kingsley
3rd Place: Taylor Bird
Honorable Mention: Piper Chaussee, Hannah Sexton, Haley Mowery 
 Congratulations Zach Stewart!!
2014 Mr. Football 

Mr. Football picture


 I love Yearbook